Migrate your store to Magento 2!

As we are aware that Adobe has stopped its support towards Magento 1.x and many merchants are still sailing their ship on Magento 1.x. However, it’s been a compulsion now to migrate the stores to Magento 2.

Magento 2 recognized as cutting edge technology in the race of e-commerce field. By providing brand new innovative features, new extensions, and high security Magento 2 has gained trust of the audience.

So, if you are a merchant and you are still in dilemma by having questions like what is favorable options then this article is for you.

Magento 2 is gaining trust by keeping its position at no. 1 in the world of e-commerce. Magento 2 is providing modern and fresh technology with highly security and commending performance. Magento 2 comes up with significant opportunities in the market.

The process for the migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2 is stated below. This will be the answers for your dilemma.

  • Decide whether it is a straight migration or new enhance:

    Examine your need according to your inclination. Analyze your designs and make decision whether you want to migrate with same designs or want to go with the new designs. The two alternatives have their credits yet more often than not they are savvy upgradation for your web architecture as same as migration.

  • Plan a new structure of site:

    For some, this is the first occasion when that they have taken a gander at their sites inevitably. As our business adjust new changes, so our site doesn’t regularly keep it up. Hence, it’s a makeable that you make time to modify the structure of your site. Ensure it lines up with the business objectives, vision, and crowd commitment.

  • Create love and hate list:

    This is tenable for simple migration but is something everyone should consider. There isn’t anything more terrible than moving bug from one site to another one. In some cases, it could make your site even worse. Prior to getting quote to a website developer, create love and hate list of your present website.

  • Migration of Data:

    Once you are done with analyzing your requirements we will proceed to the data migration process. By default, Magento 2 has a Data Migration tool, your platform can surely make a path for migrating your data to Magento without any drop. We will proceed with all aspects prioritizing your backup of the database, files and folders.

  • Migrate of Design:

    Web Design is the most creative and crucial part of the Migration Process. With innovative and fresh designs Magento serves good quality of Web Design in E-commerce field. We proclaims excellent results for your Magento E-Commerce store that gives an amazing user experience on all devices like desktop, mobile and tablets.

  • Migrate of Extensions:

    E-Commerce websites consume versatile features and differ from business to business, and industry to industry. We customize your store with ready solutions as per your business demand. And if needed, we develop or integrate highly scalable and robust extensions that help you manage and maintain your E-commerce store accurately.

  • Ready to Launch:

    After the migration process, you site is ready to launch once getting back with your final feedback. Magento migration helps you to raise the customer experience of your store and lead the way to gain more customers.