Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Magento is covering up with its solutions and services in different industries.

Fashion & Apparel E-commerce Solution

Nowadays, fashion sense, luxury and E-commerce are providing phenomenal services in the Fashion Industry. Getting personalized shopping experience has become very important. Our solution for Fashion E-commerce proclaims the enhancing result of shopping experience.

Furniture- Home & Decor

Build your Home & Decor Store that amazed your customers with plenty of styles and unique concepts. Let your customer know what exactly they get when they buy. Just be trendy with your Innovative designs and patterns.

Automotive E-commerce Solution

At MagentoNinja, we offer the right features to make your online business much swifter, simpler and smarter. Our automotive e-commerce solutions come up with a VIN search based, user-friendly shopping cart. Our research stated some features which help to gain more customers and build loyalty for your brand.

Health & Beauty

With our customized online health and beauty business arrangement let your health and beauty product be self-explanatory. Our customized web solutions are loaded with POS system integration, subscription and business intelligence which can help you to gain more client market and loyal customers.

Gems & Jewelry

Build up a lucrative online jewelry business with most attractive features and pixel perfect shapes and design. MagentoNinja is one of the best options to choose for the e-commerce solution to create an amazing online presence.

Consumers & Goods

Let’s create a responsive website for mobiles, laptops and tablets, for your online consumer goods. Let the generation mark your products for its quality. Sell your goods online with our website, we will make user-experience smoother.



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